Hosted by The Peace and Integration Forum, Towards a Common Humanity will be on the afternoon of Sunday, July 2nd.

A few years ago, I had a wonderful encounter a gentleman named Howard, down at the local Curry’s store. He was there to get his laptop attended to and I was there awaiting my desktop. We struck up a conversation as he recognised my accent was from Africa. It turned out that he had been on a filming expedition to South Africa in an attempt to promote forgiveness. The film called “Beyond Forgiveness” is an incredible journey of two people brought together under not so pleasant circumstances.

I took up the opportunity of meeting with Howard and his colleagues about promoting the film and the areas they’d like to cover. It was totally enlightening and refreshing to hear all the good that has come about from this film.

Howard is now looking forward to the upcoming visit to the UK of his South African friend Letlapa Mphahlele.

The theme for this occasion will be ‘Beyond Group Allegiances – Towards a common humanity’. When Letlapa was commander in the South African liberation struggle he was very focused on black people being ‘My people’. But since the transformation he has been through, the whole of humanity has become ‘My people’. Having this perspective is a much better foundation to address conflicts from, for all of us. Letlapa’s experience is particularly poignant following the terrible events in Manchester and London recently.

Please do take the time to drop in and meet Letlapa, and hear him talk.

Hosted by The Peace and Integration Forum, will be on the afternoon of Sunday July 2nd.

See attached flyer for details.