Why the Unicorn?

The meaning of  The Unicorn is all about seeing infinite possibilities and that infinite possibilities surround you and are available to you at all times. Many times we cannot see that possibilities abound, or even exist.

The Unicorn gives us the “eyes to see” those possibilities and “the wisdom” to take advantage of them.

I have always had a love for horses, learning to ride was the highlight of my early years and I formed many relationships with all the horses I met. I was known as the breaker, the riding school used to give me all the difficult horses to work with, eventually getting them to be wonderful ponies for future riders.

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Be Inspired

On Creativity


the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.
“firms are keen to encourage creativity”

synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, imaginativeness, innovation, innovativeness, originality, individualityartistry, expressiveness, inspiration, vision, creative power, creative talent, creative gift, creative skill, resourcefulness, ingenuity, enterprise “challenging objectives motivate staff and encourage creativity”

Nature in her wisdom, was creative, capturing the tiniest detail with meticulous craftsmanship. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. It took decades, if not more, but create it she did. No two things are the same, each is individual in its own right, how unique it all is.

It is the same with photography, you have an idea, you shoot, it doesn’t come out like you imagined, so you perfect it, and create a new way of doing it until you arrive at a style that suits you and that you’re comfortable with. That’s being creative.

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Towards a Common Humanity

Hosted by The Peace and Integration Forum, Towards a Common Humanity will be on the afternoon of Sunday, July 2nd.

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